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Valtorum Research Group is a private technology incubator focusing on scientific innovation, development, and acquisition of Artificial Intelligence Systems. Below are summaries of projects in focus for 2022-2024:

Multilingual, Digital Telepathy Using BMIs & Speech Synthesis

We'll be researching Brain Machine Interfaces (BMIs). Users may communicate with neural signals that can be transmitted using voice clones that emit audio without a user speaking aloud. One user may also speak in English, and their voice would be transmitted in another language!

Neural Population Coding Process for Virtual Reality Interfaces

A unique methodology of utilizing neural population coding (vectors) to generate known commands for virtual motor function inside a non-physical realm.

Utility Process for Interfacing BMIs with Augmented Lenses

A unique methodology of combining elements of BMIs with Augmented lenses (headsets, contacts, etc.) to play virtual/augmented reality games.

Vibration Harvesters & Levitating Flywheel Batteries

Another design is a low-cost vibration harvester that can be used to power lighting infrastructure for roads (using nothing but energy from traffic & wind)

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